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Wellness injections

Wellness injections have many uses depending on specific needs. The most common use is to help promote health, energy, increase metabolism, weight loss, liver health, anti-oxidant effects, and mood enhancement, it also assists with decreasing cholesterol, and appetite control. 


Wellness Injection Descriptions

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: Protects cells; Reverses skin aging by restoring elasticity, radiance, and smooths the skin’s texture. Promotes normal thyroid levels and can even mitigate the effects of hormone-induced weight gain, aides weight loss. Helps people with type 2 diabetes, reduce nerve pain caused by diabetes, lowers blood sugar levels, aides in wound healing.  NOT for patients who have liver disease, excessive consumption of alcohol use, thyroid disease. $30

  • Arginine (IV Push): Vasodilator, helps peripheral arterial disease, increases libido, excellent for patients who have hypertension.  NOT for patients who have low blood pressure. $20

  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C): Enhances immune system, anti-aging, fights colds, reduces blood pressure, reduces blood pressure, heal wounds from trauma and burns, promotes youthful skin, improves quality and appearance of the skin. Not for patients who have blood disorders like thalassemia, G6PD deficiency, sickle cell disease, and hemochromatosis. NOT for patients who are allergic to vitamin supplements, seafood, or shellfish.  $20

  • B-Complex: Boosts energy, control food cravings to aid with weight loss, combat stress and anxiety, aids in sleep, promote wound healing, provides relief with canker sores and hives, improves mood, enhances skin’s appearance, promotes overall wellness. $20

  • Biotin: Help strengthen hair, nails, and skin. Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, is known for its ability to make hair strong and shiny, prevent hair loss, and also strengthens brittle nails. $20

  • Calcium: Helps with bone loss caused by low calcium, aides in muscle, used in combination with magnesium. $20

  • Carnitine (IV Push): Helps the body turn fat into energy, improves heart, brain, and muscle function, visibly reduces excess fat and helps people who struggle to lose weight. $20

  • Chromium: Improve insulin sensitivity and enhance protein, carbohydrate, and lipid metabolism; Increases lean body mass and decrease percentage body fat, which may lead to weight loss in humans. $20

  • Dexpanthenol: Skin protectant on account of their anti-inflammatory properties. They can improve the skin's elasticity and rehydrate it, making it appear smoother and more supple. Dexpanthenol is a GI stimulant treating conditions due to impaired GI activity. $20

  • Folic Acid: Folic acid is used to treat or prevent certain anemias caused by poor diet, pregnancy, alcoholism, liver disease, certain stomach/intestinal problems, kidney dialysis, or other conditions. This medication helps to relieve symptoms such as unusual tiredness and diarrhea that can occur with these types of anemias. $20

  • Glutathione (IV Push): Clears the body of toxins and free radicals that lead to hyperpigmentation, age spots, sunspots, wrinkles, acne, and even melasma. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits, detoxifies, improves skin, immune system, and detoxifies. NOT for patients who are allergic to vitamin supplements, seafood, or shellfish.  $25

  • Glycine (IV Push): Promotes muscle growth, repairs muscles, joints, and cartilage, improves skin, enhances collagen production, strengthens immune system, improves digestion and gut health, fights fatigue, improves health, contributes to cellular growth and health. $20

  • Ketorolac (Toradol): NSAIDs, relieves pain, discomfort, fever, and inflammation; stronger than other NSAIDs (Ibuprofen, or other otc pain medication). Stops migraine attacks. $40

  • Lysine: Reduces the severity of herpes complex (HSV-1 cold sores), and canker sores.  Effective in the treatment of osteoporosis, diabetes, stress, and improves athletic performance. $20

  • Magnesium: Helps aid in overall body function, brain health, better sleep, alleviates migraines, lowers stress, lowers blood pressure. Magnesium is needed for the proper functioning of our bodies.  Not only does it help our cells work properly, but it also keeps our organs, bones, and nerves healthy.  Magnesium prevents deficiencies in other minerals by helping the body to absorb more calcium, sodium, and potassium. NOT for patients who have myasthenia gravis, severe renal failure, cardiac ischemia, heart block and pulmonary edema. $20

  • NAD: Addiction therapy helps people weaning from opioids, alcohol, chemical, or prescription medication; improves cognition, chronic fatigue, athletic performance, pain management. $425 (FULL VIAL DOSE ONLY and mixed with B-12).

  • Selenium: Antioxidant that helps promote metabolism. $20

  • Zinc: Creates new cells, especially fiber-like tissues and collagen in your skin. Zinc can help with wound healing by helping these types of cells regenerate after an injury, such as from post surgeries (tummy tuck, lipo, etc). Zinc enhances athletic performance, improves fertility levels, better brain function, enhances beauty benefits, and boosts immune system. $20

  • Zofran: Aides in nausea and vomiting. $20

  • B-12 with Lipo (IM): Energy, fat burner, enhances weight loss, mental clarity. $20

  • COQ-10 (IM): Overall health, helps the heart, anti-aging. $20

  • Lipo (IM): Fat burner $20

  • Lipo C (IM): Targets fat deposits and mass, fat burner, reduces fat, speeds metabolism, enhances energy, makes you feel fuller, weight loss, improves mood and mental clarity. $20

  • Dexamethasone (corticosteroid) 4mg/1ml dosage (IM or IV): Treats inflammation, allergic reactions, GI disease, and edema. $40

  • Antibiotics (IM or IV): Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Augmentin, Azithromycin, Cipro, Rocephin, Flagyl, Levaquin, and Doxycycline (Prices vary, please inquire). 

    • Treatment is based upon diagnosis and correct medication needed.​

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