Victorious, Vivacious, Venus

Victorious, Vivacious, Venus

What?!? Moms Need a Break???

Remember the good ole days when all we had was time? Time to get our nails done, get a massage, dye our hair, go shopping and not have to worry about anything but maybe a paper that was due the next morning? No matter how stressful school or work was, we managed to always find time to So, fast forward to now. What happened?
We have kids. We have more, never ending bills. We are married. Who has time to look and feel good when you are working full time (stay at home mom or working in the work field), and keeping up with everything at home? We are always on the go, making sure everyone in our family is taken care of. We are trying to be super mom and super wife, not a supermodel! But why not be all three?
I hear many moms tell me they feel guilty about spending money on themselves. "How can I get monthly massages and facials when I can be spending that money on my kids? I barely have time to workout or even take a bath without being interrupted!" Have you ever heard of people say to you," I don't know how you do it." Well, what does that mean? That means, people see how hard you work, how busy you are, and yes, that they believe you are crazy to juggle it all! If given the chance, they would NOT want to trade places with you. So, if outsiders can see you need a break, why don't you?
We all know you are superwoman, but everyone needs a stress reliever. Studies show that 96% of women believe that being a mother is "extremely stressful." It is ok to give yourself a break to relax. You deserve it. When you look good, you feel good. So, where do you begin?
For starters, get a babysitter! Look no further, have your loving spouse stay at home with the kids while you enjoy a few hours relaxing and pampering yourself. If your husband has to work, there's another great way to get free babysitting.  A client of mine actually told me she did this, and I thought it was pretty neat.  She swapped two days a week with another mom (neighbor) on babysitting.  For example, this week she dropped her kids off Tuesday and Thursday for a few hours so she could get her Botox, get her lashes refilled, and squeeze in her facial and massage.  The next week, she would watch the neighbor's kids so the other mom can have her quiet time. 
Lastly, when you have kids, budget is everything. You want to find a place that is affordable yet legit and clean. Look for a local spa you love and feel comfortable in.  This will be your place of zen and sanctuary. So, no more excuses of no time or feeling guilty. Remember, there is ALWAYS time for YOU, and YOU deserve it. 


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