Victorious, Vivacious, Venus

Victorious, Vivacious, Venus


As I lay here in bed in total darkness with my newborn next to me, I felt an itch to write about this..."What I have learned through the years about success:"
1) You will never be successful if you only care about yourself. You can not climb to the top without helping others around you. You don't have to give people money, but you can give people your time, your support, your help, and your services....
2) Treat your clients like family. You don't have to give them your personal life stories, but you make them feel good about coming to see you. You take care of them, and you do, within reason, what you can for them.
3) You treat your employees with respect. They are not your slaves or punching bags. They are human beings like the rest of us. Their feelings get hurt too, and you can only push them so far before they leave. You encourage them and compliment them when they do good work. A simple phone call or text of, "good job," makes a huge difference. Incentives and friendly competitions work well in reaching sales goals! Just how there are many bad bosses out there, there are also many bad employees. You may get a bad seed every once in a while, but you let them go and move on.
4) You go above and beyond for EVERYONE! Your family, friends, community, employees, clients, and OTHER BUSINESSES. Word of mouth referrals will MAKE ANY BUSINESS WAY MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN GROUPONS or PAID ADVERTISEMENTS.
5) Give away something each month to a client (a drawing), and/or do customer appreciation days.
6) Come to work ready, prepared, and focused. Do not overwhelm yourself with issues. Clients can see right through your fakeness.
7) You respond back to a customer issue THE SAME DAY THEY CALL OR COMPLAIN. You listen, apologize, and fix the situation immediately.
Start calling clients by their first name! Remember a certain story or event you talked about with them the last time, and you follow up with them about it the next time you see them.
9) Never talk bad about another person to a client.
10) Clients spend and buy from people they trust and like. Do not be too quick to judge clients and their financial statuses. If you treat every person who walks through your door with the same respect and excellent customer service, you'd be surprised at how well of a sales person you can become. You must be knowledgable in your stuff in order to sell. You never sell something to a client they absolutely don't need.
11) As much as you love what you do, you always need to give yourself some "me" time. You can not burn yourself out and still think you can function perfectly. Enjoy yourself, your family, and whatever else that makes you happy/relaxed. You will know you love your job/career when you want to go back to work once you are well rested! People who love their career/job are truly passionate at what they do. Everyone around you will see and let you know.
11) Most importantly, you always believe in yourself. Follow what your heart tells you. Don't let other people's negativity bring you down or make you give up. I have plenty of people who didn't believe in me or wished for me to fail. My age was one issue many older employees or businesses had with me. why in the world would they listen to someone way younger? I have also had some people feel "sorry" for my kids because I work too much and don't stay at home with them all the time. To be honest, I need work in my life. I applaud stay at home moms. Unfortunately, I can't be one. I am an awesome mom to my kids, and I dedicate myself to them. However, do not be deterred by people who criticize or judge you because you chose a different path than them. It's good to have haters and criticizers. They are what motivates you to push forward and succeed in life.

No Regrets, Are you Happy?

“I think anything that you do, any accomplishment that you make, you have to work for. And I've worked very hard in the last ten years of my life, definitely, and I can tell you that hard work pays off. It's not just a cliché.”   -Cameron Diaz

We always here the saying, "Life is always full of regrets, and what-ifs."  Many times, we hold back on our dreams and goals because we sacrifice for our family.  BUT, before I continue on, I do want to say, being a full time stay at home parent, is one tough job.  Many people choose to do this, and I honor and commend your hard work, dedication, and strength.  There is no easy task when it comes to taking care of kids, and they deserve more credit than they are given.  My post is in reference to people who hold back on their dreams because of obstacles, challenges, or hurdles that are put in front of them.  I hear from many of my clients who tell me they wish to go back to school and become a nurse, doctor, or owning their own business.  When I ask what they are doing in their lives now, they tell me, “Well, I don’t work, because I have kids”or“My spouse works and makes enough, so he/she doesn’t want me to work.  I just cook, clean, and make sure the kids are well taken care of.” 

Well, I don’t ever remember growing up and hoping one day I can grow up to be like Cinderella, before she met the prince.  I remember my parents telling me to work and study hard so, I wouldn’t have to depend on someone else.  Goals, careers, and ambitions may change, but that is ok!  Sacrificing for your children is noble and self-less.  Living a life full of regret, is not.

Ever since we were little, we felt like our entire life was a juggling act.  From going to school, taking care of pets, having a relationship, practicing and playing sports, and applying for colleges, our plates were always full.  So, as we grow older, why do some of us push the pause button on our personal lives?  The pause button may be due to hurdles we have that are blocking us from pursuing our dreams, or uncertainties that may come, if we were to move forward. 

See, when we were little, we thought the things on our plates were so difficult, that a break up meant we couldn’t live on.  We would cry for days, thinking a heartache is the worst feeling in the world.  Funny, that type of thinking doesn’t last long after knowing the feeling of delivering a baby without an epidural. From our perspectives now, we think it’s foolish, and not something worth pausing our dreams and goals for.  Now, fast forward to when you are older, say 80, and you look back at your adulthood years.  You see that your hurdles and uncertainties were of people telling you no.  You realize the ginormous issues that were holding you back really were not that big.  Many people in their later years say they regret not going for their dreams, or they wished they had listened to themselves.  So now, let’s rewind to the current time we are in.  Why aren’t you where you want to be? 

People in your life need to be supportive of your goals.  Life is too short for you to hold back and not be happy.  We raise our children to be independent, goal-oriented, determined, and ambitious.  We need to think the same way for ourselves.  Life will always be a juggling act.  We need to learn how to balance it all.  Success and satisfaction will follow.  Remember, the key question is…Am I happy?

What?!? Moms Need a Break???

Remember the good ole days when all we had was time? Time to get our nails done, get a massage, dye our hair, go shopping and not have to worry about anything but maybe a paper that was due the next morning? No matter how stressful school or work was, we managed to always find time to So, fast forward to now. What happened?
We have kids. We have more, never ending bills. We are married. Who has time to look and feel good when you are working full time (stay at home mom or working in the work field), and keeping up with everything at home? We are always on the go, making sure everyone in our family is taken care of. We are trying to be super mom and super wife, not a supermodel! But why not be all three?
I hear many moms tell me they feel guilty about spending money on themselves. "How can I get monthly massages and facials when I can be spending that money on my kids? I barely have time to workout or even take a bath without being interrupted!" Have you ever heard of people say to you," I don't know how you do it." Well, what does that mean? That means, people see how hard you work, how busy you are, and yes, that they believe you are crazy to juggle it all! If given the chance, they would NOT want to trade places with you. So, if outsiders can see you need a break, why don't you?
We all know you are superwoman, but everyone needs a stress reliever. Studies show that 96% of women believe that being a mother is "extremely stressful." It is ok to give yourself a break to relax. You deserve it. When you look good, you feel good. So, where do you begin?
For starters, get a babysitter! Look no further, have your loving spouse stay at home with the kids while you enjoy a few hours relaxing and pampering yourself. If your husband has to work, there's another great way to get free babysitting.  A client of mine actually told me she did this, and I thought it was pretty neat.  She swapped two days a week with another mom (neighbor) on babysitting.  For example, this week she dropped her kids off Tuesday and Thursday for a few hours so she could get her Botox, get her lashes refilled, and squeeze in her facial and massage.  The next week, she would watch the neighbor's kids so the other mom can have her quiet time. 
Lastly, when you have kids, budget is everything. You want to find a place that is affordable yet legit and clean. Look for a local spa you love and feel comfortable in.  This will be your place of zen and sanctuary. So, no more excuses of no time or feeling guilty. Remember, there is ALWAYS time for YOU, and YOU deserve it. 


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